12,000 Altered Farm Rules

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  1. 466 cubic inch, limited with a 2 percent allowance (which means a max of 475 cu. in.). *(Unless tractor comes from factory with more cubic inches, that tractor must run factory pump and charger)
  2. 3 LM turbo charger with a 2.4 maximum diameter intake
  3. No slots, plugs, or reducers allowed
  4. Intake hose must be easily removable so that charger can be checked
  5. Exhaust must be at least 18 inches above the hood and have two 3/8 bolts in the pipe forming a cross. This is to prevent parts from exiting the pipe
  6. Must have factory style injection pump:

a. Ford – Simms
b. International – Model 100 Rotary
c. John Deere – Bosch "A" pump

  1. Replacement engines must run injection pump that was a factory replacement for that particular tractor
  2. No water injection or water injection parts allowed on tractor
  3. No intercoolers allowed
  4. Must have metal shroud 360 degrees around fan or electric fans will be allowed


  1. Maximum tire size will be 20.8 X 38
  2. No cut tires
  3. No aluminum rear wheels


  1. 20 inch hitch height
  2. 18 inches from center of rear axle to hook point
  3. Roll over protection is strongly recommended but not mandatory. If you have it you need to wear a seat belt


  1. Wheelie bars, must have 5x5 inch pad, no more than 10 inches from the ground (must be 3 inches back from farthest point of rear tire to front of the pad)
  2. A working air shut off must be installed to connect to the sled
  3. All tractors must be equipped with a fire extinguisher
  4. All tractors will be safety tech-ed


  1. 17 mph speed limit with NO GRACE (which means that at 17.1 will get you disqualified)
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