Videos and DVDs

All videos come with puller names, hometowns, vehicle names, distances, and results. We even put breakdown replay and winning runs replays at the end. We put a lot of pull videos on YouTube. Pullers need instant feedback to know how to setup their tractors. The Light Pro Stock, Super Pro Farm and 6200 Nationals typically go live as soon as they become available.


We host a lot of sponsored videos. Sponsorship is $50 for 10 minutes of video. All sponsorship will appear on the season DVDs. Sponsorship is good for the life of video on YouTube and guaranteed several hundred views the first week and dozens more per week thereafter. Videos can include your logo, link to a website, Facebook page, even a phone number and e-mail address. They are payable via check or PayPal. Contact Us today if you are interested.


DVDs are a great way to preserve your favorite moments for all time. The big sellers are Season sets. These items offer viewers non-stop pulling action for your favorite pulling class. 

For a complete listing of season DVDs available from Will Whitt Productions and, click here

We are NO LONGER OFFERERING INDIVIDUAL PULL DVDS!  This is extremely time-consuming and the process holds up the rapid development of content for competitors and fans around the region and the world.  Our primary audience is for YouTube and promotion.


Note to Promotors

Got a pull and date you want us to come to? Drop me a line at or use our event scheduler.  We offer Poster Design for $100, Social Media and Event Management for $50 (boosting extra of course), and Promotional Videos for $200 which have garnered lots of attention. We bring 12 plus cameras to events to capture all the great action from autonomous cameras to ride along cameras to traditional end of the track cameras. Photos can be provided on a CD to sell upcoming pulls to sponsors, fair committees, and farm bureaus.  Will Whitt Productions holds all rights to the photos they take at events.

Our rates are $100 for one night pulls and $200 for two-night pulls or events requiring a stay-over. We will work with you to ensure that your fans can enjoy events the evening and revisit that moment over and over again.
Call us today at 703-626-4131 to see how we can help draw the types of crowds promoters are looking for.  We use hard hitting strategies with action-packed photos and videos to deliver well-attended events.