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Dragon MotorSports Park, known as "DMP" to many, is located in Millers Tavern, Virginia. Located just 10 minutes from Tappahannock and 30 minutes from Interstate 95 (just north of Richmond). We promote four annual truck and tractor pulling events here yearly including Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League and Interstate Tractor Pullers sanctioned events. We started out in 2002 with just a dirt track in the middle of a beanfield (pictured left). You can see just a few safety walls.

We grew considerably the first four years to this picture of our facility in 2006. We have added several more safety walls as well as lights for night time pulling. Here we see the "The Hammer" being pulled back to the starting line (pictured middle). See what "The Hammer" looks now in sleds.

Today, we have one of the finest single track pulling facilities around. We now have state of the art sound, lighting, and safety equipment in place to provide the most family fun you can find. Here you can all the work we have put into our facility (pictured right)

Our goal at DMP is to provide a first class facility for competitors and spectators. We have over 25 years of experience and try to use that to make our events fun for everyone. We hope to see you at DMP soon. Come out and see some of the best Truck and Tractor pulling around. Dragon Motorsports Park physical address is 1790 Howerton Road Dunnsville, VA 22454 (Click for directions).

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