10,000LB Super Pro Farm Tractors

These Diesel Tractors must weigh in at 10,000 pounds. This used to be the old 11,000 Super Pro Farm class, but it was decided that more tractors would participate at that requirement. These behemoths have a 540 cubic inch engine limit. They can have Intercoolers and water injection is also allowed. They are allowed 1 turbo charger with 3.0" inlet. They must have a rollbar for protection. The maximum tire width is 24.5" and rim diameter is maximum 38". Changes for 2021 included the addition of Hot Farm tractors with 466 cubic inch power plants and allowances to make them competitive with these 540ci machines.

Several of these tractors flex their muscle on other stages such as the Keystone Winter Nationals (website).

Dustin Reynolds showcased exceptional skill and dominance in the Dragon Motorsports 10,000 Super Pro Farm tractor class during the 2023 season, securing victory in an impressive 7 out of the 13 events he participated in. A remarkable feat for Reynolds was his consecutive triumphs in the last four events of the season, highlighting not only his consistency but also his ability to perform under pressure. His hometown victories at Farmville added a sentimental touch to his success, connecting with the local community and celebrating his achievements on familiar grounds.

Pullin' Teeth gets its name as Dustin pulls teeth at Forest Hill Endodontics located on Old Forest Road
Lynchburg, Virginia.  Featured in countless articles, Dustin is no stranger to success off the track.  Now, he adds to his growing list of accolades: "tractor-pulling champion".  That has a nice ring to it.  Come to a pull and find some much-needed entertainment, and when you return to your daily life, go see your dentist and take care of those vital teeth you have and flossing them never hurts anyone, people.  If you let it go long enough, you may need to go see Dustin to have those teeth pulled.  

The outstanding performance of Dustin Reynolds in the Dragon Motorsports series is a testament to the dedication and teamwork within the Martin Pulling Team. The culmination of their efforts resulted in a well-deserved team season championship. Congratulations not only go to Dustin but also extend to his father, family, and the entire Martin Pulling Team for their collective achievements. The relentless pursuit of excellence and the passion for tractor pulling have undoubtedly made Dustin Reynolds and his team stand out as champions in the exciting world of motorsports.