10,000LB Super Pro Farm Tractors

These Diesel Tractors must weigh in at 10,000 pounds. This used to be the old 11,000 Super Pro Farm class, but it was decided that more tractors would participate at that requirement. These behemoths have a 540 cubic inch engine limit. They can have Intercoolers and water injection is also allowed. They are allowed 1 turbo charger with 3.0" inlet. They must have a Roll bar for protection. The maximum tire width is 24.5" and rim diameter is maximum 38".

Several of these tractors flex their muscle on other stages such as the Keystone Winter Nationals (website).

E L Harlow went back to back in 2014 and 2015.  E L had some stiff competition early and often from this travelling buddy Thurman Munford.  The Mechanical Bull started out of the gates like it was in a China Shop for sure.  But E L kept the Harlow Harvester close never out of striking range.  Late in the season Chad Nesselrodt came on with a full head of steam.  In the end E L edged him out by 8 points.  Congratulations to everyone on Team Harlow Harvester!

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