10,000LB Super Pro Farm Tractors

These Diesel Tractors must weigh in at 10,000 pounds. This used to be the old 11,000 Super Pro Farm class, but it was decided that more tractors would participate at that requirement. These behemoths have a 540 cubic inch engine limit. They can have Intercoolers and water injection is also allowed. They are allowed 1 turbo charger with 3.0" inlet. They must have a rollbar for protection. The maximum tire width is 24.5" and rim diameter is maximum 38". Changes for 2021 included the addition of Hot Farm tractors with 466 cubic inch power plants and allowances to make them competitive with these 540ci machines.

Several of these tractors flex their muscle on other stages such as the Keystone Winter Nationals (website).

Big L Tire and Fear Forest had a monster year.  These brands help Dragon Motorsports be able to market and keep the league growing and healthy.  Chad Nesselrodt is busy keeping these brands servicing the Harrisonburg area to provide value and quality service as well as a little scare come October.  Chad also has a time keeping his International called Recap This looking like a million bucks.  It has won best in show at the Keystone Indoor Nationals.  We say paint doesn't pull, but this painted machine out pulled everyone else in the Super Pro Farm class.  This tractor won five out of thirteen events on the 2022 season. John Nicol said of Chad, "One tractor stands out among them all.  This Tractor Puller of the year goes to Chad Nesselrodt and Recap This"

Congrats to Chad, Brandy, family, and crew on your 2022 season.