7800LB Light Pro Stock Tractors

These tractors are anything but stock. They must weigh in at 7,800 pounds. They feature a 466 cubic inch maximum engine size, 24.50" x 32" tires, and roll cages are mandatory.

Several of these tractors compete on other stages where having stickers and paint schemes are encouraged and a great opportunity for marketing.

Green, Red, Blue, Blue have been the champions over the past 4 years.  This class is a skittles bag of pulling power.  In 2015, Adam Collier said I am entering a new stage in my life and pulling is going to the back burner.  Well up stepped two big forces to contend with.  Parran Bean and his mean Allis-Chalmers D-21 called "All About That Allis".  And Ted Ingram showed up every time out with his Ford 9600 called the "Acme Rocket".  Well the coyote got that Road Runner in 2015.  Ted managed to keep his tractor on the track and winning proving to be too much for the competition essentially putting 4 pulls, that's almost 200 points on the rest of the class.  Ted took home the points as well as the Tractor Puller of the year award for Dragon Motorsports in 2015.  If only we could get a yellow one, hmm. 

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