6200 Outlaw Street Rules for 2021

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1. Engine Limitations

  1. No Nitrous, Turbos, Blowers, Aluminum Blocks, Tunnel Rams, or Dry Sump
  2. Single Carb on gas, Small  block trucks can run fuel injection.
  3. Heads = No pro-stock style heads (i.e. Ford C-460, Big Chief, Big Duke, Predator, or Hemi). Also No SR-20 heads.
  4. Center of Engine cannot be further forward than the center of the front axle. (i.e. center of Carburetor or intake can't be further forward than the center of the front axle.)

2. Chassis, Body, and Powertrain

  1. No power train parts over 1 ton allowed
  2. No fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.
  3. No centrifugal clutches
  4. Must have factory glass in all windows
  5. Wheel base limited to 141" which is a short wheel base extended cab truck. All axles must be in the stock locations no matter which body style is used. If different manufacturer body is used the frame will be used to determine the correct stock location. (General appearance should have the wheels in the center of the wheel wells.)
  6. No shortened axles. (Wheels can be offset and tires do not have to track each other)
  7. Hydraulic steering is allowed.
  8. Exhaust must run under the truck and to the back of the cab.
  9. Must have a working back-up light that is actuated when truck is put in reverse.
  10. Weight frames may not extend any further forward than 60" from the center of the front axle and must be less than 80" wide.
  11. Truck Hitches will be 24" maximum height and can be no shorter than 36% of the trucks wheel base when measured from the center of the rear axle to the inside of the hook point.
  12. Hitch must be rigid in all directions (No upward travel)
  13. Front pivot point of hitch can be no higher than 2 inches above the stock frame rails.
  14. Hitch must have at least a 3" round opening horizontal to the ground as a hook point.

3. Tires and Wheels

  1. Tires must be DOT approved and limited to 35" X 12.50" max tire size. (No cutting or grooving)
  2. No dual wheels allowed.

4. General Class Rules

  1. Test puller MUST return to 6th place if they decide to drop their pull.
  2. If sled is reset the test puller(s) can come back in the last position.
  3. If any issues arise during the season the rule committee will meet and make a final decision.
  4. If caught cheating, the rules committee will decide the penalty which may included up to a one year suspension.
  5. Must be a Dragon Motorsports member to receive points.

5. Safety

  1. Truck must be equipped with a blow proof bell housing or transmission shields / blankets.
  2. Working kill switch with a 1" hole for a hook point at the rear of the truck,
  3. All U-joints must be fully shielded and all drive shafts must have rigid loops to catch the shaft in the event of breakage.
  4. All competitors must wear a helmet.
 2023 Rule Changes

We have adopted the hitch rules of the other organizations that run this class

-Hitch height will be 26 inches.

-No less than 27% of wheelbase from center of rear to hook point of hitch

-Hitch mounting point must not be more than 2 inches above the frame