6200 Small Block 4x4

Run many times in previous years, Dragon Motorsports added this class as a points class in 2017. This class' of competitors can run up to a 440 cubic inch limit, with 0% allowance.  It can't have any fiberglass body parts with the exception of the hood and tailgate.  A welcomed addition to the Dragon family.

Adam Stallings brought the Danger Zone truck out a few years during the 2020 season and this truck has been at or near the top at a lot of events.  It was running with another Small Block truck called Chicken Money of Keith Brickhouse.  Keith sold his truck last year and then started traveling with Adam and their families.  Next thing you know Adam is in the fields working and Keith is driving the Danger Zone.  One famous take we heard in 2022 was, "I don't care if you have to bring the engine back in pieces in a box, just win!"  And win this truck did.  John Nicol said at the banquet, "Keith Brickhouse driving the Adam Stallings finished out every hook he took home the one spot (that's never been done), so having that done is an awesome feat.  Being able to go in day in and day out, and the trucks working and making it work, so congratulations on your win and your championship."

Keith Brickhouse is your Truck Puller of the Year for Dragon Motorsports.  Keith said upon receiving his award, "I'd just like to thank Adam for the opportunity to be able to drive the truck. He doesn't ever ask me to turn wrenches on it.  Do nothing.  He gives me the truck, the other truck, and trailer, pays for everything you go, won't never take a winning check, won't ever take anything.  I just get the pleasure of driving it.  And I just want to say thank you to Adam for letting me be able to do it."

Congrats to Adam, Keith, and crew on your amazing 2022 season.