Hot Street Diesel 4x4 Trucks

This is a class that got out of the Run Whatcha Brung class and got into a rules class.  These trucks are beasts at the drag strip as well as the pulling track.  

This diesel class has a compression ignition engine factory produced for 1-ton or smaller
diesel pick-up trucks with aftermarket programmers and chips, air-to-air intercoolers, and all turbo or turbos are accepted.  The max truck weight including the driver is 8100lbs with weight boxes or hanging front weights.  The weights may not exceed 60 inches from the center of the front axle. Their fuel must be #1/#2 diesel fuel only. Soy/Biodiesel fuel is permitted. No other combustible material (nitrous, propane, etc) may be injected into the turbocharger or any part of the air intake system, water to air intercoolers, or nitrous or combustibles (feed line must be removed from the bottle to the solenoid and the bottle removed from the vehicle).  

Eddie and Greg Poore's truck, the "Sleeper Ram," flexed its muscle as a dominant force in the Dragon Motorsports Hot Street Diesel 4x4 class during the 2023 season. This powerful machine showcased its prowess by clinching victory in an impressive seven out of eight events throughout the season. The Sleeper Ram's consistent success is a testament to the Poore boys' dedication, skill, and meticulous engineering that went into crafting this formidable diesel 4x4. The Dragon Motorsports series is known for its fierce competition, making the Sleeper Ram's triumph even more commendable.

Congratulations are in order for Eddie and Greg Poore as they secured the points title for the 2023 season. Their strategic approach to each event, coupled with the exceptional performance of the Sleeper Ram, propelled them to the pinnacle of the Hot Street Diesel 4x4 class. Winning the points title is a remarkable achievement, highlighting not only their skills as drivers but also the collaborative effort that goes into maintaining a top-performing truck. The Poore boys have left an indelible mark on the Dragon Motorsports series, and their success with the Sleeper Ram is sure to be remembered as a defining moment in the world of diesel truck pulling.