6200LB National 4x4 Trucks

These trucks have 650 cubic inch naturally aspirated engines that are capable of making in the neighborhood of 1500 horsepower. The bodies and powertrains on these trucks are mostly all aftermarket parts. Many trucks have custom fiberglass bodies and tube frames. Several of our trucks compete on the big stage, the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA website), and can be seen on RFD-TV Tuesdays at 6:30PM Eastern Time (check the RFD-TV schedule).

R B Moler made his journey back into pulling in 2014 and burst into the Dragon Motorsports 6200 National Mod 4x4 class in a big way in 2015.  R B started out with a big showing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the Keystone Nationals and then he kept the hammer down all season long.  He finished first three times, second one time, and third one time.

ATPA Grand National Champion from 2003 to 2005, R B now has the highly sought after Dragon Motorsports 6200 National 4x4 Championship for 2015 to add to his list of accomplishments.  Congratulations to R B, Christina, and crew for a wonderful 2015 season.

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