6200LB National Sportsman 4x4 Trucks

These trucks are a new class to Dragon Motorsports. They must weigh in at 6200 pounds as the name implies. And engine maximum size of 650 cubic inches, with a 1 percent allowance.  It is restricted to Wedge head style motors.  All chassis and tire rules are the same as the National Modified class.

Michael Shifflett did everything the right way, pulling in the Street classes, Pro Stock 4x4 class, and then making the move to the National Sportsman class.  This is the way to learn, grow, and excel at the sport via progression through the ranks.  But Michael needed one thing each step of the way, a formidable truck.  Clear Cut is a 1940 Ford powered by a Sonny's wedge motor.  He makes the power needed to be at the top and win just about every pull they attend.
John Nicol announcer for Dragon Motorsport said at the banquet, "This guy will show up and go to work on his truck...I never seen anybody do that before.  There is always something that needs to be done.  And this year he was the points champion."  Michael Shifflett is also your 2022 Most Improved Puller for Dragon Motorsports.