11,000LB Altered Farm Tractors

These tractors are anything but farm tractors. They must weigh in at 12,000 pounds as the name implies. An engine maximum size of 466 Cubic inch, with a 2 percent allowance for a maximum of 475 Cubic inches. Tire size will be 20.8 X 38 with with top cut only on cleat and no alterations to the front edge of cleat.

Bill Balderson, a seasoned tractor pull competitor, rose to prominence with his exceptional performance in the Dragon Motorsports 12,000 Altered Farm tractor class. Behind the wheel of his renowned tractor named "Retirement Checks," Balderson dominated the competition with a series of impressive victories. His success was not confined to a single event; instead, Bill showcased his tractor's prowess at prestigious locations, including Lexington, Madison, Berryville, and Orange Virginia. The tractor, aptly named, seemed to bring home more than just trophies for Bill, solidifying his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the tractor pull community.

Notably, Bill Balderson's achievements in the Dragon Motorsports 12,000 Altered Farm tractor class were marked by consistency and excellence. With an average finish of 3rd place at every event, "Retirement Checks" demonstrated both power and reliability. Bill's back-to-back titles in this highly competitive class underscored his skillful maneuvering of the tractor and strategic approach to each competition. The victories not only celebrated Bill Balderson's individual talent but also highlighted the remarkable capabilities of his tractor, securing its place as a formidable contender in the world of tractor pulling.