5000LB V8 Modified Tractors

This is the way pulling used to be.  Get a tractor and swap out the motor for some Detroit steel.  Dragon Motorsports brings this class to pull beneath the lights on the biggest stages in Virginia.  Robert Ashley, English Motorsports, Wayne Spencer, Gary Coffey, Buddy Finn, Rocky Meadows, and Hugh Crittenden: These pullers are keeping good running tractors for good shows.

John Nicol demonstrated exceptional skill and prowess in the Dragon Motorsports V8 Economy Modified tractor class during the 2023 season. His remarkable performance led to victories in two notable events held in Java and Fisherville, Virginia. The triumph at these events solidified Nicol's position as a standout competitor in the V8 Modified class. Not only did he showcase the power and capabilities of his tractor, but he also highlighted the intense competition within this tightly knit class of pulling.

During a banquet celebration, John Nicol took the opportunity to address fellow pullers and attendees, emphasizing the camaraderie and competitive spirit that defines the V8 Modified class in tractor pulling. He reminded everyone of the close-knit community that makes this class special and acknowledged the efforts of his family and the entire Dragon Motorsports team in achieving back-to-back season championships. Congratulations poured in for John Nicol, recognizing not only his individual achievements but also the collaborative success of the entire team in the challenging and exciting world of tractor pulling.