8000LB Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks

Re-branded for 2016 as the Pro Stock Diesel 4x4 class.  This year promises to be big for DMI.  With several trucks getting massive upgrades and the addition of some former heavy hitters coming back with force.

These trucks aren't exactly what you would pickup from your local truck dealer.  Well we do get the occasional grocery getter.  What you will see is a love for new ways of thinking: Computer controlled ignition systems, a motor for this brand in that brand, and exhaust pipes coming out of places that just look awesome.

Mark Andrews pictured above took home the Diesel 4x4 class and won the Truck Puller of the Year for 2015.  Mark had 7 top place finishes, 4 seconds, and 2 thirds.  That level of consistency put 41 points on the rest of the pack.

Mark is from Kearneysville, West Virginia.  He got back into pulling in 2015 and let his presence be known right away.  Congratulations to Mark and everybody in his crew.

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